Caravane Xia Cushion

The Xia cushion cover has been hand-printed in India using the screen printing technique.
Under the guiding hand of an artisan, a unique method is used to bring the motifs to life. The patterns are printed using several screens-paint is successively applied through the screens onto fabric that has been laid out on long tables. The slight irregularities that appear in the print are a testament to true artisanal savoir-faire.

The Xia features three colours:
A lake-hued base of inimitable depths;
Awakened by regular delicious polka dots, raspberry in colour …
The contours of which have been outlined with a fine white line that pairs perfectly with any unicoloured piece.
Adding to the charm of these alluring little polka dots, cotton tassels of the same hue. The perfect finishing touch!

Made from cotton voile, this sublimely light fabric enhances the freshness of the motif. The Xia: sweet and soft.


40 x 55cm $185.00 & 50 x 70cm $229.00