Caravane Tulipan Cushion

At first glance, the Tulipan, with its traditional block-printed motif, may seem subdued, but a closer look reveals its contrasting hues and true audaciousness.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this textured-cushion cover is available in two hues:
Cypress: a vibrant hue awakened by a brush of superimposed orange that makes the pattern pop. The finishing touch: contrasting russet tassels.
Glacier: a cool hue superimposed with contrasting maroon highlights that emphasise the intricacy of the floral motif. The finishing touch: striking cypress blue tassels.

True originals, these cushion covers will remake even the most conventional of sofas and transform living rooms anew.

A leafy motif, inspired by chimerical gardens … the Tulipan bursts with vitality!


40 x 55cm $ 185.00 & 50 x 70cm $229.00