Caravane Luni Linen Cushion

Made from 100% linen, the Luni cushion cover is both elegant and casual. With its rich palette of unicoloured pieces, the Luni is the perfect design for creating bespoke arrangements. The exceptional quality of the Luni speaks to the senses: The nuanced colours capture the eye, the fibre reveals the subtlety of bespoke unicoloured hues. The softly-textured weave, calls to be touched. A tactile opulent lively fabric, delicately crumpled. Run your fingers through the soft naturally-hued little tassels. Natural par excellence … from cultivation to production and dying, this linen fibre is truly environmentally friendly. A unique fibre, our artisans work with its particularities to reveal its true character. The Luni is expertly made in France.


40 x 55cm $229.00 & 50 x 70cm $275.00

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