Caravane Ella Floor Light

Crafted from raw steel, the Ella’s clean lines give this slender floor lamp base a distinguished and refined silhouette.
Set upon an angular base, the Ella is at home anywhere:
• Poised above a sofa;
• Exalting a console;
• Illuminating a nook; and
• Enhancing a piece of art.
An artisanal piece full of nuances in which the lightness of the lines contrast with the strength of the steel.
Positioned perfectly, this floor lamp allows you to effortlessly direct the light to orchestrate your scenography and showcase the layout of a room.
Paired with the Ella lampshade, a truly modern floor lamp is created.
With its noble bearing, the Ella almost seems to be taking a bow as its soft glow envelops the room.

No stock currently on hand, forward orders only.

20 x 27 x 148cm high