Antique French Confit Pots, 19th Century

Hand made earthen ware pot, with honey coloured slip glaze
2 available, priced individually & sold separately

Courtesy of My Faux French Chateau
These beautiful earthenware containers have, for years, been a signature of the French gourmet and Provencal kitchen and were typically glazed with a rich mustard or honey colored slip glaze.  The warm patina of these confit pots developed over the passage of time and with the help of Mother Nature. The chips and imperfections on the pots are a testament to their utilitarian history and frequent use. If you look below the beautiful mustard or honey glaze on the confit pot, you will see that the lower part of the pottery was left unglazed. This is because, after the cooking process, the urn was typically sealed and buried in the cool ground or stored in stone-lined larders. This storage process preserved the meat without refrigeration. Throughout the winter, the confit pots would be opened and the meat contained within enjoyed!

L-R; diam 230 x 330mm.h with pouring spout & diam 300 x 310mm.h with two handles