Como By Design; Interior Design Show House 2018

A letter to a modern Mrs Armytage from her interior decorators of Brownlow Interior Design, Toorak
19th October 2018
Dear Mrs Armytage,
Trusting your time in abroad has been enjoyable so far. We do hope you had time to meet with Ann Grafton at the G.P & J Baker showroom at Chelsea Harbour. Ann was very much looking forward to showing you the new collection, especially Hydrangea Bird, which we have based your drawing room scheme around. Elliott Clarke ensured it was sent by air to meet Wills Furniture timeline. It works beautifully with the Ocelot pattern carpet designed by Barb Brownlow & the Garus piece from Behruz Studio. Surprisingly the existing wall colour will be just fine, perfectly balancing artworks by Emily Ferretti & Emily Pwerle. Decortex Emerald silk curtains hung from Elegant Ends gilded rods are so far installed, only just making it in time with the assistance of Domestic Textiles. Exotic bamboo blinds have provided just the relief we needed allowing your glorious curtains to puddle elegantly on the floor. The delightful pendant by Anna Charlesworth, a most excellent choice.
Jamie Allpress has come up with a fine 18th Century English Oak Dresser with drawers, which will be so handy. You were right, we do agree the Gaston Y Daniela green velvet anchors the scheme leaving Hydrangea Bird to stand alone as a hero fabric in the room. Domus Textiles have sent your Malabar fabric for the fire fender and Tigger Hall has this afternoon delivered fabrics for your lampshades for production at Cromwell. Your drawing room will be completed just before your return to Como House next month, we are so looking forward to showing you how comfortable and charming it will be.
With kind regards,
Barb Brownlow & Alexandra Brownlow
Room Sponsors:
Allpress Antiques, Anna Charlesworth, Ashwood Bamboo Blinds, Behruz Studio, Boussac, Carolina Irving Textiles, Colefax & Fowler, Cromwell, Decortex, Domestic Textile Corporation, Domus Textiles, Elegant Ends, Elliott Clarke, Ian Mankin, Gaston Y Daniela, GP & J Baker, New Image Upholstery, Nicole Fabre, Radojka’s, Soft Furnishings, Redelman, La Maison Pierre Frey, Tigger Hall Design & Wills Furniture.

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