Armadale Residence

Described By Jenny Rose-Innes, author & international style aficionado; ‘Like entering a jewellery box!’ A humble terrace house has been decorated with huge personality. Our client had only a few requests, lots of green, lots of pattern and space for her vast collection of Antique Furniture & Art. With such an enthusiastic vision for only a wee little house, we decided to imagine the spaces as if they were in fact much larger than they are by using bold colours and dramatic pattern. A sophisticated, green scenic Chinoiserie Wallpaper by Mary Mcdonald immediately creates an unexpected sense of enchantment on entering, each room having its own unique colour scheme,
favourite colours of the lady of the house. The one and only guest bedroom-come study, decorated with a day bed and sky high upholstered wall panels is every shade of green all at once. Classic Continental Antique Furniture, Mirrors & Lights coordinate elegantly with the English & French fabrics selected for their practicality and beauty. The master bedroom A narrow hall leads to an open living space and courtyard beyond, the Jasmine Room. Ocelot Wing Back Chairs, sisal carpets, indigenous artwork, antique furniture and unusual curios all work well together creating a very interesting interior.

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